Earth Day

The 'City of Joy', Kolkata, with its highest greenhouse gas emission footprints and largest garbage dumps at his heart among other Indian metropolis takes a pledge on EARTH DAY 2014 to go green and reduce its emission and heat radiations by developing vertical gardens in the city's concrete jungle and recycling its solid municipal wastes for preventing landfill emissions.

Environment Day

Mission of SAFE

SAFE works to achieve sustainable environment development objectives for poverty alleviation through empowerment, equity and reciprocity in the Indian ecoregion. Vision of SAFE

Vision of SAFE

SAFE envisages global reciprocal partnership and participatory policy frame for commons to promote wise use of natural resources through community governance and inclusive growth for sustainable environment development.


WAter Sanitation and Hygiene for Urban Slums:

WASH-US, the project deals with an integrated community based intervention on Water and Sanitation issues in urban slums, the facility titled as WASH-US includes a solar run water treatment plant sustained on rain harvested surface water in adjacent water body, for sanitation both conventional and biodigester units with supply of refusal water from the water treatment plant for toilet use have been made operational and the project includes a biogas plant fed with refuse from toilets to be used for community kitchen in the area. The facility will cater to over 540 households in the slum and the total population is near about 2500-3000 people dwelling in the slum.

The project was executed at KALIKAPUR SLUM: KMC Ward No. 108 / 109 where there are:

  • 570 households
  • 48% women
  • 90% below poverty
  • 78% water borne diseases
  • 43% waste workers